SCARDUST – Secret Project Revealed

SCARDUST – Secret Project Revealed

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Over the last year, SCARDUST have been teasing a “Secret Project” on their social media channels, asking their fans to guess what the secret is about… Today the secret is finally revealed. A magical fairy tale or heavy progressive complexity? WHY NOT BOTH?

“We didn’t have to think too much about this one, our fans did it for us,”

explains singer Noa Gruman.

“Over the years, they have called us ‘Disney Metal’ on so many occasions while describing our music, we felt like we owed it to them and to the rest of the world!”

SCARDUST is proud to present: “Evolution of the Disney Princess – but she’s METAL.” A journey through the years, chronologically representing the different Disney princesses, backed up with the band’s heavy and complex instrumentation, Noa’s versatile singing, and the epic Hellscore choir. All this goodness is brought to life in a complementary one-take video, emphasizing the evolving medley concept.

Between writing and recording their next album, and while touring again after the pandemic pause, SCARDUST were able to put this project together and even document the entire process. A recording VLOG can be found on their YouTube channel, and soon after the video release, a behind-the-scenes video will pop up there as well. Additionally, the song is available for streaming and download on Bandcamp and various other digital platforms.

Evolution of the Disney Princess – but she’s METAL

Disney Princess VLOG

SCARDUST’s last album, ‘Strangers,’ was released in late 2020 and despite the world’s Covid setback the Israeli quintet persevered through the challenges presented to them and recorded and released a phenomenal effort described by Dead Rhetoric as “captivating from start to finish.” Their sophomore record, ‘Strangers,’ presented a unique concept album built of complementary song pairs working from the outside in resulting in something fresh which received strong critical and fan approval. Seven music videos were presented and the band played shows in their native land, as well as various spots throughout Europe culminating with an appearance at Wacken Open Air Fest.

Noa Gruman is also recognized as a verifiable talent and has also been a featured guest lead vocalist on albums from noteworthy artists including Therion, Amorphis, Orphaned Land, Gloryhammer, Mike LePond, Winterhorde, and Subterranean Masquerade.

Noa Gruman – Vocals
Yadin Moyal – Guitar
Aaron Friedland – Keyboards
Orr Didi – Bass
Yoav Weinberg – Drums

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