SEKTEMTUM set release date for new album

SEKTEMTUM set release date for new album

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Osmose Productions sets May 26th as the international release date for Sektemtum’s highly anticipated second album, Panacea. The album is set to be released on both CD and limited vinyl formats.

After a much-needed five-year break, Sektemtum decided to record a new album. Now a trio, they parted ways with lead singer Meyhna’ch and recorded a personal and genuine album. Sektemtum created and recorded Panacea during endless nights, through spontaneity and suffering. No rehearsal had been planned before entering the studio: the band wanted to make a record in a hurry, following the mood of the moment.

Unique, original, and inspired by all the things that influenced them during all these years: without any boundaries or limitations, on Panacea, you can hear the punk rock from the band’s early years, the hard rock they listen to, and the black metal from their origins. Panacea is a subtle combination of idleness, suffering, solitude, a nocturnal atmosphere and the will to overcome, with Sektemtum’s founding members. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Sektemtum’s Panacea
1. Place à la Comédie
2. Ebony Grand Master
3. Direction Cataclysme
4. Empire
5. Pantheon
6. Le Crépuscule des Idoles
7. Bad Winds
8. Lord Hear Our Prayers
9. 218’
10. Subsonic
11. Zero Bravo
12. Panacea

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