SELF-DECEIVER – Release Official Music Video For “Where the Purest Souls”

SELF-DECEIVER – Release Official Music Video For “Where the Purest Souls”

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Colombian Blackened Death Metal band Self-Deceiver release official music video for “Where the Purest Souls”. Watch music video on band’s official Youtube channel:

Band comments:

“Where The Purest Souls is the first video we released and it was the last song we wrote for our debut album Across The Styx album. Musically speaking there is a blackened death metal influence, with heavy palm muted riffs mixed with slow dark chord progressions, that accompanied with heavy pipe organs creates a obscure Behemoth vibe. Lyrically the concept is pretty straightforward, the song is about the pro-life speech used by the Catholic church to condemn and judge those who choose abortion while they couldn’t care less on traumatizing and destroying the innocence and the psych of many children’s around the globe by minimizing and covering up multiple cases of pedophilia they are accused of.

The concept was perfectly captured by our friends in Dark Angel Media Labs, who made all the audiovisual production.”

Self-Deceiver is a Blackened Death Metal band formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2012 by Jorge and Sergio who moved back to Bogota, Colombia, in 2016. The band was inspired by European (mainly Scandinavian) Black and Death Metal bands, but there are also influences from the American Death Metal scene of the 80s and 90s, resulting in a mix of tempos in each song, with melodic parts, middle beats, blast beats with tremolo guitars, symphonic/classical elements and guttural vocals.

Lyrically and philosophically speaking, Self-Deceiver is inspired by human existence and its meaning, and by human actions such as violence, the search for glory, war, deceit, the hypocrisy of religions, among other topics. For the band, creating an atmosphere and deliver a message through their music is key over just being an extreme band.

Nowdays the band is still conformed by the same two members and in December of 2022 released the first album entitled Across The Styx, which is a compilation of songs composed during the Brazilian and Colombian period.

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