Shadowdream re-signs with WormHoleDeath records

Shadowdream re-signs with WormHoleDeath records

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The Dark Ambient one-man band Shadowdream re-signs the deal with the Italian record label WormHoleDeath to release a new album entitled ”The Sunsettler Motel” which the release date will be announced soon.


Shadowdream mentionedTwo years ago, after a decade spent through all sorts of musical landscapes, I finally met a person who is as dedicated and lovable, not just as someone you can work with, but as someone as a genuine person as well. Carlo Bellotti and WormHoleDeath gave me an opportunity back then which I never imagined and since then Shadowdream has become something I never dreamt of that could be. Now two years later, I am honoured and thrilled to continue the Artistic journey with Carlo and WormHoleDeath, as he is a support and a friend whom I trust wholeheartedly and with whom I will always share my music without any doubts. The success of Shadowdream is not a success of just one person behind it, but that of all of you who stood beside me while I worked on it, especially Carlo who believed in the music being created. Grazie mille!

Also, the label mentioned that: “I felt flattered when a couple of years ago Shadowdream asked us to release his 10th anniversary release UM. We both didn’t promise each other nothing and we both knew that this was going to be an experiment, purely approached for mutual artistic pleasure. It has gone way over our expectations with our catalogue’s highest amount of online and paid streams through the Orchard’s digital network. This is history. The present is “The Sunsettler’s Motel” which has made me call Rastko and beg him to release the new album with us again. I think that he has been thinking of it less than one minute and has said YES! I screamed YES!!! Here we go again, with an awesome record produced for Wormholedeath. You will understand why I am so excited after having checked this new effort from Shadowdream. It’s dark, mainstream, warm and wrapping … Relaxing and shocking at the same time. An higher level of inspiration for sure. For now, let us work more to develop the complicated marketing. We are on it already!

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