SIDUS ATRUM Releases New Album With Kvlt und Kaos Productions

SIDUS ATRUM Releases New Album With Kvlt und Kaos Productions

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Ukrainian Blackened Death-Doom project SIDUS ATRUM will release the third full-length album with Kvlt und Kaos Productions.

The new SIDUS ATRUM studio album Розірване Небо (Torn Sky)” is set for release on May 10th 2024 on vinyl and Digital. This is a reflection of our emotions, experiences and thoughts over the past two years since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began. Lyrics for the song “Сталеві Янголи (Angels Of Steel) ” was composed by Sandra Konopatska.

The project was originally formed in 2015 by Yulia Lykhotvor (music, lyrics, vocals), the debut album was released in 2019. In 2021 Sidus Atrum was signed by Kvlt und Kaos Productions for the new album “Spiral Of Life” that was released in March 2022. The album was recorded with two guest musicians – Serhii Lykhotvor (Sad Alice Said, bass) who helped with arrangement and Daniel Neagoe (Clouds) who recorded vocals in duet with Yulia for the song “Rain Brings Your Voice”. In 2022 Serhii Lykhotvor joined Sidus Atrum as a regular member of the project.

A video for the song “Коли Земля Кричала (When The Earth Was Screaming)” will be released on March 22, 2024 on the band’s YouTube channel and followed by a lyric video in the upcoming months.

Album track-listing:
1. Розірване Небо (Torn Sky)
2. Коли Земля Кричала (When The Earth Was Screaming)
3. Сталеві Янголи (Angels Of Steel)
4. Гірше За Ката (Worse Than The Torturer)
5. Чи Поглине Нас Темрява? (Will Darkness Swallow Us?)
6. Пульс Життя (Pulse Of Life)


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