Silvern – Release Lyric Video For “Lorn”

Silvern – Release Lyric Video For “Lorn”

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Ukraine based Black Metal band Silvern unveils lyric video for “Lorn”, the band’s debut single.

Watch “Lorn” here:

The lyrics describe the controversial figure of a human as a biological species, which constantly creates a problem for itself and everything around. The possibilities of consciousness are endless, you need to develop yourself and live in harmony with the Universe but instead, a human invents religions, kills, harms the environment, thinking that he is the crown of God’s creation.

Everything is much more complicated. Sometimes you need to look a bit higher than the Saviour’s star.

The First Single describes the beginning of the path of a person from conditional White Harbor to conditional Black Harbor, but in the process, the consciousness of the character begins to think and doubt everything around.

All this finds echoes in our creativity and the first single opens this journey.

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