SINPHOBIA “Awaken” review (by Koen Oostendorp)

SINPHOBIA “Awaken” review (by Koen Oostendorp)

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Two weeks ago I had never heard of this Italian brutality machine. And am I ever grateful for discovering them. I would describe this band as a death/groove metal hybrid. This usually is alarming to me, because I generally find bands that fit that description rather boring. But SINPHOBIA is different. They have some very interesting tricks up their sleeves. So what do we have here? An album filled with brutal, well-crafted songs? Check! Damn good vocals? Check! Inspired, heavy riffing? Check! And what more could one ask for? These guys know how to write a suprisingly original, yet authentic beast of an album, they kept my attention the whole way through and the songs are diverse enough,  while not making the album feel like a random blend of different ideas. I liked how they used some open chords to break open the songs, like on PRAYER TO WARCRY. There were plenty of quirky little bits that made this a standout album for me. I certainty hope they can keep up making albums this good!

The verdict:
Should you listen to this album? Yes! Go find it now! Buy it, and enjoy. While I am sure this isn’t groundbreaking, it sure was a refreshingly brutal album to me!

Score: 8.30


(c) Koen Oostendorp

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