Skepticism “Ordeal” review

Skepticism “Ordeal” review

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Skepticism “Ordeal”
Svart Records

Uhm… Excuse me, I’m not sure if it’ll be honest towards Skepticsm fans when official release date of this album is 18 September 2015, but we already have the entire album to listen and make review… From the other hand, maybe our review will make sense for someone to get an attention towards Skepticism for the first time?:) Ok, who are Skepticism, no more no less but “fathers” of funeral doom metal, together with another father-band – Thergothon… Skepticism is a honest band, musicians are honest towards themselves first of all, because playing funeral doom metal since 1991 they did not changed their minds and continue composing and playing pretty typical for them and killer for litseners music. Yeah, I was wondered what I’ll hear on the new album, and to be honest I was sure I’ll hear something really kick ass! And I was right… Since very first rhythms I have got funeral overdose of emotions and impressions… Musically here isn’t anything radically new, and we do not need it, but here is typical, good old funeral doom metal, really filled with hellish deep emotions, such dark and beautiful at the same time… All those funeral slow rhythms, obscure, full of negative emotions roars, and really impressive guitar solos, such freezing and memorable. The whole impression – I have just one word to try to describe “Ordeal” – this is not just next album from funeral doom metal gods, but this is next Masterpiece from Skepticism! Brilliant record quality, top-notch musicianship (all instruments! But I’d like to add – sometimes, keyboards has reminded me soundtrack from Interstellar movie!), and pure devotion, that’s how I can describe this album. I’m sure “Ordeal” will be top album of 2015 after it’ll be released into masses. All the fans will be glad and impressed by new opus… Funeral doom metal in the way it must be, no more no less. Beloved song? ALL. Thus just wait for the next classic from godz!


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(c) Aleksandr Maksymov

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