SLAYER Tribute tracklisting (updated)

SLAYER Tribute tracklisting (updated)

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Updated December 4th, 2019.

A Tribute to SLAYER line-up/tracklist! More bands to be added soon.

Tankist (Estonia) Evil Has No Boundaries
Hateful Agony (Germany) Black Magic
LoneHunter (Brazil) Crionics
Serpents Kiss (UK) Tormentor
Aeons Abyss (Australia) Die by the Sword
Intrepid (Estonia) Chemical Warfare
Hamvak (Germany) At Dawn They Sleep
Myrholt (Norway) Kill Again
Earth Plague (Hungary) Necrophiliac
Beltane (New Zealand) Angel Of Death
Mindwars (USA) Criminally Insane
EigenstateZero (Sweden) Piece by Piece
Assassin’s Blade (Canada/Sweden) Postmortem
Grand Demise of Civilization (USA) Raining Blood
Zvijer (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Cleanse the Soul
Hellming (Brazil) Mandatory Suicide
Unto the Wolves (USA) Silent Scream
Frijgard (Switzerland) South of Heaven
Day 40 (UK) Ghosts of War
Viocosis (Ireland) Behind the Crooked Cross
Killrape (Brazil) Born of Fire
Hicsos (Brazil) Dead Skin Mask
Macabre Decay (Sweden) Expendable Youth
Serpents (USA) Seasons in the Abyss
Imminent Reaper (Mexico) Skeletons of Society
SavageZ (Brazil) War Ensemble
Injector (Spain) Dittohead
Jumpscare (Italy) Bloodline
Domination Inc. (Greece) Disciple
Outis (Ireland) Jihad
Steignyr (Spain) Repentless

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