Song premiere: Merrimack “The Falsified Son”

Song premiere: Merrimack “The Falsified Son”

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Next track premiere of the forthcoming new Merrimack album. ‘Omegaphilia’ will be out on June 9th via Season Of Mist records.

MERRIMACK comment:

“Our will to create a record that is more rooted in the 90’s era of black metal becomes pretty obvious on ‘The Falsified Son’, which is a straight forward and simple track. Our typical lead guitars, the slightly dissonant end, the addition of a guitar solo, and the mid-tempo middle break make it a strong tune, which has proved to be very well received at our latest live performances. The lyrics deal with the way of life that we have chosen and its consequences – with black metal (which is mentioned in the song) being an immense part of it.”

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