Spydor “Predator” review

Spydor “Predator” review

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spySpydor “Predator”

Wow! Created in 2011, the very first demo – in 2015! So looong four years for creating some stuff, a long term, do not you agree? Spydor comes from Germany, and, in spite of “Predator” was released in 2015, I see musicians are pretty skilled guys, first of all they also ex-members of such bands like Buried God, Prosatanos, Impedning Doom, Wildsaucrew; and guitarrist is active member of Defloration and Stolen Pleasure. On this short five songs demo (just around 18 minutes os sounds) they show up if they able to do some proper and kick ass full-length, and, for me personally – they ARE! First of all Spydor will be very good for all the thrashers worldwide. If some German band trying to play thrash metal, then in most of cases we definitely getting proper stuff. And the same happens with Spydor, yes, they sounds a bit raw, but fuck, this is just demo, to show they are sick bangers, hehe; the music is very good, pure king of thrash metal, based on fast, breaking and pressing guitars, hysterical vocals, fat bass lines and drumming. Composed and played on good level. What are you waiting for from thrash metal made in Germany? Sure! Fast and relentless music, mixed with awesome melodic but blowing guitar solos! I like what I heard here, and I’ll be waiting until Spydor will record kick ass full length album, they did first step already, they entered onto the thrash metal scene already, next step – to record full-length and kick the asses on the stage! Do u like the bands inspired by main Thrash metal gods? Yes? Then you must support Spydor!


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