STONED SPACE To Release Debut Full-Length; First Single Out Now

STONED SPACE To Release Debut Full-Length; First Single Out Now

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Stoned Space, the California-based psych stoner rock enigma, has set May 3rd as the international release date for their debut full-length album entitled ‘I’. The album is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp:

“Each of the seven tracks on ‘I’ is a sonic exploration, transporting listeners to the far reaches of the universe. Yet, as the music reaches its climax, it ends on the xx:59th second, leaving a tantalizing glimpse of the cosmos just out of reach. These fleeting moments serve as a reminder of the infinite mysteries of the cosmos, beckoning the listener to delve deeper into the cosmic abyss.” – says the band

Stoned Space is a mysterious collective of cosmic voyagers, diving deep into psychedelic stoner rock’s rich tapestry. With a love for mind-bending riffs and pulsating rhythms, we craft sonic journeys that transcend earthly limits.
Stoned Space invites listeners on an enigmatic exploration through reverberating guitars and transcendent melodies. Our music, shrouded in mystery, resonates with those seeking a cosmic connection.
Stoned Space weaves a sonic universe that beckons you to lose yourself in the astral embrace of sound. Join us on a voyage beyond time and space, where every riff is a revelation of universal vibrations.

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