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Hm, before listening to this album I was pretty interested what the kind of music I’ll hear out of there, because Subterranean Masquerade contains musicians from Tristania, Orphaned Land, Novembers Doom and Green Carnation, interesting line-up, isn’t it? But after complete listening to “The Great Bazaar” I have got two different moods… First one – sometimes sounds really interesting and catching for attention, second one – there were too boring parts for me personally… I’ll try now write a bit detailed about my feelings. Musically Subterranean Masquerade plays some kind of progressive metal, really professionally and, as I said before – sometimes catching and very interesting. So when it comes to progressive metal related parts – all is more than OK, also I like ALOT those Eastern folk tunes (really great, just listen to it and you’ll get what I mean). But other side of medal comes with some “too progressive” tunes, hehe, I mean some (how to describe correctly) semi-jazz, semi soft music tunes, when you hear just some cosmic keys, some noises etc… But I won’t speak here about things I didn’t like alot, so I’ll better write about positive things, luckily here are ehough of them. So, additionally to progressive rock we have also good echoes from psychedelic rock from the far ‘70s; also there is pretty unique sound when playing not metal directly, but some rock tunes, where clear vocals are crossing with growls, sounds interesting I can sure you. All in all – this is pretty proffessional and mature album, mostly addressed to those who like some experimental sounds.


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