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MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY, ABIOTIC, CATTLE DECAPITATION, SUFFOCATION – 23. 03. 16, Malmö, Moriska paviljongen. (written by Bartosz Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

Here comes the dragon… OH… That’s title of one song and it has nothing to do with SUFFOCATION, but somehow it crossed my mind… ahhahahahaah…

Gig started, what was a big surprise for me, with an half hour or something like that delay.

As the first played MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY. There was something like 20, maybe 30 people inside. It made me confused and angry!!!!!!!!! Anyway, band played very god show with good stage’s work ­ you know headbanging and so on. Unfortunately it was only me who was doing headbanging under the stage. Than for a moment was some girl over there, but maybe on 1 song. During their show there was backing some thought across my mind: “SHIT!!! Poor guys, they came here thousands of miles to play here and there’s practically nobody who appreciate their work and gives them support”. When they finished I just came to a guy who was checking out if those who comes inside have a staple and asked him: “Where the fuck are people?!? Why the hell came so little of them for such a great bands?!?”. He said only: “YEAAH!!! I also can’t understand anything.

Let’s hope that on SUFFOCATION they will come”. After some break, which I used to drink a beer called “Jelen”, on the stage came ABIOTIC and there were maybe 40 people… ahahahhahaha… There was the same story under the stage. Very few people and most of them just were staying and watched a gig as some fuckin’ movie!!! But at least there was quite big applause after every song. The band also played good show and it took 20 ­ 30 minutes maybe. Then became a little longer break and maybe thanks to it there was more people when CATTLE DECAPITATION started their show. I can only repeat good words about the show which musicians gave and not so well ones about the crowd. There was a little better in my opinion with their reaction (I wasn’t the only one who was making headbanging under the stage ­ we was maybe four… ahhahahahaha…),.

Well, it seems that it’s a matter of culture or something because on SUFFOCATION it wasn’t much better with that. There were really a lot of people, maybe even 500, but only in the first line there was headbanging and so on. In the second one sometimes, too. For me as a Polish it was and still is something what I can’t understand. Crowd just stay and watch a gig like a movie or some theatre. It’s even stranger that in Copenhagen there’s more similar as in Poland ­ headbanging and moshing. Anyway, SUFFOCATION played really great gig!!! It takes both music and what happened on the stage ­ sometimes I had impression that there happens more than under the stage… When guys finished playing there became another surprise. Well, it shouldn’t be surprise for me because it’s always the same, but anyway… After maybe 2 minutes a club was empty!!! I mean there were only musicians and… me. Nobody wanted to talk with guys from bands, nobody wanted to take a picture with them…

Some pictures:

2016-03-23 20.20.36

2016-03-23 20.20.49

2016-03-23 20.28.22

2016-03-23 21.06.51

2016-03-23 21.17.08

2016-03-23 21.53.48

2016-03-23 22.02.55

2016-03-23 22.19.34

2016-03-23 22.21.07

2016-03-23 22.22.44

2016-03-23 22.24.41

2016-03-23 23.01.46

2016-03-23 23.37.33

2016-03-23 23.40.37(c) Bartosz Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)


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