Swiss Blackened Sludge Metallers WIZARDS OF WIZNAN sign to Argonauta Records; New Single and Videoclip Out Now

Swiss Blackened Sludge Metallers WIZARDS OF WIZNAN sign to Argonauta Records; New Single and Videoclip Out Now

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WIZARDS OF WIZNAN is composed of five musicians who have played in various bands of the Valais metal and rock scene in Switzerland. Together, they offer you a set that is both nervous and soaring, alternating atmospheric atmospheres and heavier riffs. Some clear voices give way to an aggressive guttural vocal, supported by strong rhythms and a very efficient bass-drums combo.

It is in 2019 that Wizards of Wiznan emerges from Vegenand, a vanished locality once decimated by the black plague. After a first EP with Stonerdoom influences entitled “Experimental Brew” signed to MTAF Records and several remarkable concerts, Wizards of Wiznan found its new direction with the recording of a first album in 2022 and the admission of a new member.

Today the band officially announce their signing with Italian powerhouse ARGONAUTA Records and celebrate the moment by releasing their highly anticipated new single and videoclip for the song “Absolute Void”:


“We are very honoured to announce the signing with Argonauta Records. It’s always very gratifying to be discovered outside of our country, and we are looking forward to collaborate with these professional people who are passionate about a music that is heavy and dark but so representative of our states of mind and our human condition.
This will be the occasion of the release of our first album, a further definition of our style, a mix of light and shadow, for which we feel a lot of emotion and pride.”

Behind thick walls of distortion and powerful, cavernous guttural vocals, the band now offers heavy music that wants to reach the heart and soul. Mixing their numerous sludge, doom and black influences, the musicians propose a sound that is brutal and intense, carefully handling the brutality of the riffs and the softness of the atmospheric melodies. Through a dark and misanthropic exploration of the human condition, Wizards of Wiznan’s themes are essentially about loss, illness and death, and draw their inspiration from their home region.


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