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Sylosis “Dormant Heart”
Nuclear Blast Records

In my opinion most metal bands will release about 2 or 3 really good and memorable albums during their entire career (Except Napalm Death or Cattle Decapitation that with each album they get better and better). You also have metal bands that during their whole career they keep releasing exact the same album over and over that it feels like if you own one of their albums that you own all of them (like The Black Dahlia Murder or Cannibal Corpse). Of course you also have metal bands that released a killer album, or a few, and out of nowhere during their career they completely change their style that makes the band sound awful and gay (The Haunted, Kovenant, Soilwork, Morbid Angel just to name a few). That is one of the main reasons why I don’t have a favorite band, only favorite albums. This is not the case with the new album from Sylosis which for me on their latest album they released once again an epic album. I don’t know how these guys do it, because all their albums sound completely different while staying true to their sound and style. “Dormant Heart” is the fourth release from this UK melodic death/thrash metal band. Just like any other release from Sylosis you have to listen to it multiple times to fully feel and understand the album. The level of musicianship is top notch and these guys are masters on crafting epic songs. The songs are filled with epic riffs and solos, nice melodic parts and beautiful acoustic guitars. The cover artwork is very beautiful but dark at the same time with a deep meaning. Also like every Sylosis album the songs have deep and powerful lyrics. I will quote a few lyrics from a few songs:

“Where The Wolves Come To Die”: Far from the reaches of the scythe bone turns to ash and reignites an ember within a coffin of emptiness sinks into the ground

“Overthrown”: Oh preacher tell your flock they don‘t stand tall the higher the structure you build the further it falls…

“Mercy”: blood for blood surrender or don’t but forgiveness is a myth to behold

And I can keep going with the lyrics. I love this kinds of lyrics that can have different meaning to it, but it mostly deal with rulers behind the curtains that does injustice everyday while society keeps on autopilot like a herd. “Dormant Heart” is a angry album and Sylosis is becoming one of my favorites bands. Check them out if you haven’t already.


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