Tableau Mort To Release New Album ”Visio In Somniis” In May

Tableau Mort To Release New Album ”Visio In Somniis” In May

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UK extreme metal act Tableau Mort announces a new album entitled Visio In Somniis.

The album will be out in May via Cult Of Parthenope records.

The band stated:

Our first album, Veil of Stigma, used the broad and characteristically spooky aesthetics of Orthodox Christianity to explore a number of topics. We’ve done our best to keep on brand during our second outing, whilst also using this as an opportunity to look at things a bit differently. In creating Visio In Somniis we wanted to build upon the foundations of our first album without moving away from our characteristic sound. This has been a great collaborative experience with each of us working hard to elevate our songwriting. Having vocalist James Johnson back in the band has helped restore a sense of identity that we established during our time together writing the first record. We’re eager to share what we’ve been working on.


1. Metamorphosis
2. Idolatry
3. Visio In Somniis
4. Blood Echoes
5. Hope Ablaze
6. Their Throats Are Open Graves
7. The Fire, The Star
8. Candle in the Darkness

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