Interview: V.E of STORMFRONT

Written interviews
Greetings V.E! As Djevelpakt is your debut release, can you please tell us all a bit about your concept, yes I can guess of course but as I ...
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Review: Stormfront ”Djevelpakt”

Stormfront- ”Djevelpakt” (No Colors records) Lillehammer in Norway,  a place that can offer you a freezing temperature, cold winds across bleak landscapes and Stormfront. How fitting their sound ...
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Written interviews
Stormfront is a raw black metal band from norway, founded many year ago, but despite the lineup changes and misunderstandings, the band became a one-man project, and this ...
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Antichrist compilation #11

Below you can listen our 11th compilation. [gmedia id=289]       ...
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