Review: Stormfront ”Djevelpakt”

Review: Stormfront ”Djevelpakt”

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Stormfront- ”Djevelpakt” (No Colors records)

Lillehammer in Norway,  a place that can offer you a freezing temperature, cold winds across bleak landscapes and Stormfront. How fitting their sound is to their environment! The summer of 2017 saw Djevelpakt released on CD in a limited run through the No Colors label. No need to worry though, Bandcamp has you covered too. 8 tracks containing 38 minutes of dark atmosphere, let’s dive in…

V.E is the sole contributor to Stormfront and is an obviously accomplished musician. The past 20 years have seen his work and collaboration with key players in Norwegian scene and beyond. I won’t go into detail, fans of this Djevelpakt will obviously get more kicks digging themselves.

Synth work that remind me of the Finnish band  Vintersemester, guitar tone that is raw and sings of the early 90’s scene in Norway and a drumming pace to it all that is sulky, mournful and cold. Stormfront have ultimately pulled off that which they wished to achieve and I’m quiet the fan, believe me.

I’ll note that the whole album is set to a mid-pace that verges on getting slow and doomy. The drum work particularly carries more atmosphere than most bands in this genre and certainly helps paint Stormfront’s picture with equal input to the cold guitar melodies that are offered up.

In certain sections I’m reminded of the mighty Ulver, there’s a skilful beauty going on here that clicked the first time I listened to it and continues to build upon further listens. Djevelpakt is staying in my daily playlist for sure. Thank you Stormfront,  I’m eagerly awaiting the next release!

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