TETHRA sings with Sliptrick records

TETHRA sings with Sliptrick records

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Doom/Death metal band TETHRA sings with Sliptrick records.

Blending gloomy Doom Metal, raging Death Metal and melodic early 90’s Gothic Metal tinged vocals, Tethra will be the last nail on your cross!

Death-oriented guitar riffs, melodic hooks, subtle bass lines mix with charismatic vocals courtesy of the versatile frontman Clode, who switches from deep growling to pristine-clean vocals with ease.

TETHRA’s upcoming full-length “Like Crows for the Earth” (to be released in 2017 via Sliptrick Records) reveals how much the band has evolved sonically. Elements such as acoustic breaks, striking solos and Doom-influenced melodies are perfect examples, topped off by Clode’s unmistakable tone (who’s signature screams and middle/high range vocals take us back to the early stages of his musical career).

In terms of song writing, the lyrics have become more intimate, focusing on topics such as loss, solitude and feelings of rejection. The album also deals with social issues, such as mankind’s indiscriminate exploitation of the Earth, metaphorically represented by the crow: if not stopped, this animal poses an undeniable threat to its ecosystem and is bound to destroy all other species.

The album was recorded and mixed by Matt Stancioiu (Labyrinth) at Elnor Studios and mastered by Greg Chandles (Esoteric) at Priory Studios.


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