The Way Of Purity- album review ”The Majesty Of Your Becoming” (By Carla Morton)

The Way Of Purity- album review ”The Majesty Of Your Becoming” (By Carla Morton)

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The Way Of Purity? Yes! Before talking about the latest release, The Majesty Of Your Becoming, I have to say why I like this band the most: Which other band supports and is against animal cruelty? Haven’t seen yet a band doing such thing, The Way Of Purity does it and it is amazing cause after all, YES, stop abusing/killing the animals, stop all these, stop the madness, it is pure evil to abuse and torture the animals, some creatures that are like us!
5-360x358 Now, about “The Majesty Of Your Becoming’’, it is different from the other band’s releases, the style is Industrial/Electrocore, and as I like Industrial too, sounds nice. The voice of the new female vocalist, Kirayel, is powerful, pure and beautiful, perfectly for this album.
The whole album, as main themes, are about what The Way Of Purity refers to: animal liberation and the purity for animals. A suggestive song about “good and evil’’ is The Roots Of Evil, one of my favorite songs from this album, I think I’ve listened the song more than 10 times, is perfect, the lyrical themes are good pointed about what is real good into this world, because most things that happens nowadays are evil, there is no mercy and sadly, less people really care about it!
The whole album is amazing, The Way Of Purity is an exceptional band and I mentioned above why I like this band the most for. No more words I have to say about this band.
“The Majesty Of Your Becoming’’ can be easily listened, those who like Industrial mixed with electro stuffs I bet they will enjoy this album, aswell I suggest The Way Of Purity, give them a try!

Favorite songs: The Roots Of Evil, Jackob.


Dare To be Yourself
The Roots Of Evil
The Majesty Of Your Becoming
Disfigured By Karma
From The Nest To The Grave
The Clouds Behind Your Eyes

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