THRONE OF ROACHES Release New Single “Ashen Sun”

THRONE OF ROACHES Release New Single “Ashen Sun”

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Swedish Death Metal band THRONE OF ROACHES release new single, entitled “Ashen Sun”.

Throne of Roaches sets the tone straight with “Ashen Sun”, which is a story about our Earth in a dystopian and post-apocalyptic setting. It depicts the eventual suffering of our future generations due to the repeated mistakes of their forefathers. This tune conveys a mix of heaviness and speed, and is a prime example of the band’s interpretation of what modern death metal can sound like.
Listen to “Ashen Sun” here:

Throne of Roaches entered the Swedish underground metal scene in 2023 with their debut EP Infested Dominion. Later on that year they further expanded their discography by releasing their ominous single The Endless Hunt. Their music consists of mighty growls, groovy riffs and chunky breakdowns. Inspired by bands like Arch Enemy, In Flames, The Black Dahlia Murder, Orbit Culture, Death & Shadow of Intent, Throne of Roaches delivers a mix of classic and modern death metal.
The band has successfully qualified for the Swedish finals of Emergenza Music Festival, which takes place on June 8th 2024.

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