TIDES OF KHARON Release Official Video ‘Atlas Endures’

TIDES OF KHARON Release Official Video ‘Atlas Endures’

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Canadian melodic death metal Tides Of Kharon unveil Atlas Endures, the first video from their upcoming EP, Titanomachy. Telling a tale of betrayal and punishment, the aptly named Atlas Endures is sung from the point of view of Atlas as he is sentenced to hold the sky on his shoulders for all eternity. Lyrically, Atlas Endures is emotionally intense, sharing the character’s heartbreaking acceptance of his unfortunate eternal future, with hopes and dreams being his only escape from the struggle.

To compliment the story, Tides Of Kharon proceed powerfully into the track, which happens to open the album. A dark chord progression layered with syncopated double-bass patterns force goosebumps on the listener, a phenomenon the refuses to relent throughout the song’s movement through verse, chorus and bridge. The latter half of the track features a guitar solo, performed by the band’s newest member, Mike Burton, which adds an elegance to this dramatic, yet hard-hitting opus.

Titanomachy | April 6th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Tides Of Kharon are:
Garrett Nelson – Vocals | Mike Burton – Guitars | Cameron Rehman – Bass | Gord Alexander – Drums


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