Too Left 2 Be Right signs with Sliptrick Records

Too Left 2 Be Right signs with Sliptrick Records

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tooleft2Alt/Rock ‘Too Left 2 Be Right’ signs with Sliptrick Records for the release and worldwide distribution of their new album SOS Mall.

Drawing influences from the likes of Faith No More, Primus, Protest The Hero, Rage Against The Machine, Volbeat, Dave Matthews Band, Soundgarden and Porcupine Tree, Too Left 2 Be Right managed to pack a punch of an album that calls for a 90’s throwback yet sounds fresh and firmly set in this time and age!

TL2BR was formed in Rome in March 2012. The band has worked hard since the beginning. Within the first few months the first EP was recorded with the title “Life, music and other funny tragedies” which was very well received.
Many broadcasters have supported this first release and have regularly included the songs in their playlists.
The live activity is giving the band the most satisfaction:

“We have shared the stage with great bands. As to the future, there are no limits. We only know that we want to have fun and there is a lot of work to do. We do not believe in contests or easy shortcuts. We believe in hard work, concerts and composing songs putting our music before any commercial logic”.

Strengthened from the live activity, the group has now released its first full length: “SOS Mall”. Ten songs in which a solid foundation of hard rock is mixed with funk, crossover, hip hop, punk, alternative… Many people have found the sound is affected by bands of that decade such as Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Primus and Soundgarden.

The lyrics are inspired by a wide range of social issues (such as consumism, technocracy, alienation in job, social riots…) and individual psychological troubles like loss of significant other or addiction to alcohol.

A “ghost track” on the disc has a special genesis, becoming a sort of social experiment:

tooleft“Through our facebook page we have posted the song’s chorus, inviting anyone who wants, to sing it and record their voice. We then collected all the files to jointly build a “gigantic chorus”. The response was amazing, and we also received many recordings from musician friends with whom we have shared the stage. At the end of the song you can hear the funny vocal contribution of John Macaluso (drummer of Ark, James LaBrie Band, Malmsteen, Symphony X).”

The target was an album that keeps a high standard from the start to the end. Thanks to Sliptrick Records, “SOS Mall” will be worldwide relased. TL2BR are coming to your town, be ready.

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