TYGERS OF PAN TANG to release the “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave”

TYGERS OF PAN TANG to release the “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave”

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The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pioneers TYGERS OF PAN TANG, will release a special Limited Edition album titled “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave” via Skol Records. The CD will be limited to only 1000 copies, and will include 11 classic songs of the band, re-recorded for the anniversary EP releases “The Spellbound Sessions” and “The Wildcat Sessions”, which were originally available through the band’s fan-club and website only, and quickly sold out.

Commented TYGERS OF PAN TANG founding member and guitarist, Robb Weir, “I am very proud of the band’s history as well as the current lineup. We should never forget the TYGERS history and hope this shows we will always recognise the early days of the band. There are a lot of bands that want to modernise their sound or image and forget what made them great in the beginning… I am not one of them”. “We are very pleased with the end result, in particular with the recorded sound achieved, it really does capture the early ’80s NWOBHM spirit and feel we were looking for. To achieve that raw, almost ‘live’ vibe to the sound, we even replicated the microphone positioning that was used on the original recording” he adds.

“I would be lying if I were to say I’m a big fan of re-recording classic tracks, but in the case of TYGERS OF PAN TANG it’s different. They’ve  managed to keep the original vibe and magic, while delivering absolutely great sounding alternate versions of their classics. Remember SAXON and their great “Heavy Metal Thunder” album? We are talking about similar quality here. Let’s not forget that TYGERS are not only the “goldmine of great riffs”, but one of the bands that defined NWOBHM. It’s an incredibly huge honour to have them on our roster” says Skol Records CEO Bart Gabriel.

The “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave” CD will be released on February 28, 2015, and will include thick booklet with lyrics, liner notes, and lot of previously unseen pictures.

Track listing:

01. Euthanasia

02. Slave to Freedom

03. Suzie Smiled

04. Don’t Touch Me There

05. Wildcatz

06. Gangland

07. Take It

08. Hellbound

09. Mirror

10. Tyger Bay

11. Don’t Stop By

More information: 

www.tygersofpantang.com | www.facebook.com/tygersofpantangofficial

www.skolrecords.com | www.facebook.com/skolrecords

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