Ukraine’s Death Metal band ORBSTRUCT Announce New Single “Mercury Turn”

Ukraine’s Death Metal band ORBSTRUCT Announce New Single “Mercury Turn”

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New ORBSTRUCT single called “Mercury Turn” will come out on April 28. Lyrics of the single tell about a mentally disturbed man, who has lost control over himself under the influence of retrograde Mercury, and about how his inflamed mind conceives the reality in the moment of impaired judgment. The single will be released as a lyric video on YouTube. Besides the new song this lyric video will include design of the upcoming full-length album that will also comprise “Mercury Turn” song. Later on the same day the track will be available as a digital release on band’s official pages on Spotify, Bandcamp and other streaming services. Still there are no details of the upcoming full-length release, but one thing is for sure that the official release is scheduled to take place in autumn this year.

ORBSTRUCT is a band from Kharkiv, Ukraine playing death metal in the best traditions of the genre successfully combining powerful guitar riffs and high-speed blast beats with subjects of atheism, agnosticism, self-knowledge and self-development. The band was formed in 2016 by the musicians spotted at different times as live and in-studio members of mainly black metal formations, part of which has become iconic in Ukraine and well-known abroad. The band’s first album known as “Phobos Rising” was released in spring 2020 on CD by two labels: Envenomed Music in Europe and Paragon Records in USA.

Goreon – guitars, bass, vocals, lyrics
Fok Lok – drums
Redied – guitars
Samurai – bass


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