Ukraine’s Groove Metal band ARHAT to release their debut album Dead Life in December

Ukraine’s Groove Metal band ARHAT to release their debut album Dead Life in December

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Arhat, the groove metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine, will release the debut album, named Dead Life, on December 23! The album is marked by the band’s aggressive sound and oriental melodies. An interesting feature is female vocals, which can be heard in the songs Mantra and Arhat. Another interesting ingredient is percussion, which emphasizes the oriental elements in the sound of the band (the songs Outcast and Arhat). The musical fundament is mix of groove, death and hardcore.

When it comes to the lyrics, some of the songs (Danger of DeathOutcastDead LifeFreedomMaximalism) are ironic reflection of our rough times, and the other ones, namely ArhatStately Ruins and Mantra, contain plots from mythology and history of oriental peoples.

The Single “Outcast” can be found here:

“Maximalism” (studio playthrough) here:

The album will be available on leading streaming platforms, as well as on CD.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

1. Edge Of The Abyss (Intro)
2. Dead Life
3. Freedom
4. Outcast
5. Stately Ruins
6. Arhat
7. Maximalism
8. Danger Of Death
9. Mantra

Arhat are:
Alex Sitkoff – vocals
Anton Skrebov – guitar
Anton Inov – bass
Dmytro “La De Vill” Sychov – drums

Session musicians:
Ethnic vocals: Kapshuk Kateryna
Percussion: Petro Pavlovsky

Music: Anton Skrebov
Lyrics: Oleksandr Kharechko
Art: Dmytro Yurchenko

Recording, mixing and mastering Serhii Sershen
Drums recording: AVSound (Valery Likhachov)

Arhat is a groove metal project from Kyiv. The band emerged in 2017, in Kyiv. It consists of experienced musicians. In a short period of time, the band composed several songs which were included in its first set list.
Lyrics of the band balance between cruel modern reality and oriental mythology.
The songs have catchy melodies and true groove.
The musicans released their first demo, named Mantra, in January, 2018.
To promote the release, the band performed in Kyiv and some other Ukrainian cities.
On June 17th, 2018, Arhat released the internet single, named “Stately Ruins”.
The track has the band’s aggressive sound with oriental elements in the lead guitar line.
In summer 2018, the band performed at anniversary Black Sea Metal Festival.
In autumn 2018, Arhat held gigs in West and  South of Ukraine.
In summer 2019, the band performed at United Metal Festival in Belarus.
By now, Arhat have recorded their debut album, and is about to release it.

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