UK’s Industrial Metal Project BINARY ORDER To Release New Album; First Single Unveiled

UK’s Industrial Metal Project BINARY ORDER To Release New Album; First Single Unveiled

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UK’s Industrial Metal project BINARY ORDER set November 29, 2022 as international release date for the new album – Messages From the Deep.

First Single ‘Violence’ is available here:

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:
01: Sick
02: The Weight
03: Violence
04: The Hands of Time
05: Towards the End
06: Parasite
07: My Own Mortality
08: Still Water
09: Messages From the Deep
10: A Good Death

  • “Dreams are messages from the deep”
                                                                           Dune 2021

Released in Winter 2022 Messages From the Deep sees Binary Order deliver ten tracks of brutal industrial metal, sprawling cinematic electronics and atmospheric laced ambience. From the insanity of Violence, through to the pounding of Parasite and the overwhelming dread of My Own Mortality. Messages From the Deep is a collection of songs drenched in anxiety, isolation and anger. Birthed from a fear of the future while existing in a present that feels foreign and cold.

Heavily inspired both by the likes of cyberpunk and sci-fi (such as Dune, Akira, Blade Runner, Total Recall, Deus Ex, Judge Dredd etc) in its presentation, themes and aesthetic. Messages From the Deep is also a look at both the prevalent social and political unrest in modern society and the warning signs we are continuing to ignore. As we fall further down into this hell of own making, becoming ever more disconnected from ourselves and each other, we succumb to the unrelenting fear that mankind is too far along to stop these horrors that we have set in motion.

Started in 2008 by London based solo musician Benjamin Blank as a way to combine his love for multiple genres.  It wasn’t until the mid-2010s that Binary Order started to take on the form it does today. Fusing the intensity of metal, the atmosphere and melodies of synth and the soul of rock and acoustic is what is at the heart of Binary Order.


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