Unsigned: Profane Oath – Black Thrash Metal from Italy

Unsigned: Profane Oath – Black Thrash Metal from Italy


Please introduce yourself.
Hi, we are Mike The Unholy and Drunk Bible and we are Profane Oath.

When your band was created?
All started in 2018 when both felt the need to spread evil to desecrate dogmas and morals that sorround us. This is how Profane Oath is born and, in the same year, the desecration begins with giving life to “Unholy Hymns”, which came out only on 26 February 2020, in occasion of Ash Wednesday.

What music genre do you play?
We play Black Thrash Metal in old school style.

How could you describe your music in several words?
Our music is Raw, Irriverent and Primitive.

What is the main theme of your lyrics?
We deal with blasphemy and demonology mixed with shapes of old school horror cult film.

What would you like to achieve with the band activity?
Mainly we make music only for passion because for something we like and believe, we sacrifice ourselves to keep its name high. We have no desire to reach high heights. We just like to make music and support other artists who have the same passion.

How many gigs you have played so far and maybe you visit other countries with concerts?
With Profane Oath we haven’t done any gigs yet because we are only two members but we are working for that. Very soon we’ll desecrate every stage we take.

Is there anything very important about your band what must know fans and labels?
Your voices is our church.

What formats you would like to see your releases, CD, Vinyl, Tape…?
And how do you see the future of physical releases? We are both lovers of the 80’s and 90’s scene so we love vinyls and tapes but we like CD’s too. In June/July, the Ancient Entity Record will release our debut ep Unholy Hymns in tape format.

When you will get label deal, would you like to help to the label with promotion from your side, or you want label do all without your help?
In our opinion, it must be a huge collaboration in which band and label help each other.

What’s your reaction towards negative opinions about your music?
Everyone of us need haters to be stronger and more motivated to do better every day.

And the last question, how do you like our webzine, do you have some remarks towards its look or functionality?
We know your magazine for a few months and we like the contents you treat.

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