VARATHRON “Untrodden Corridors of Hades” review

VARATHRON “Untrodden Corridors of Hades” review

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VARATHRON “Untrodden Corridors of Hades”
Agonia Records
Grim, mysterious, crushing and killer!!! Here are four words which best of all characterize this new album from old Greek band with veteran status. Most songs are epic with ponderous and monstrous riffs but fast moments are meets too, thanks to which the whole album is not boring but becomes more diverse than usual “black metal album with depressive attitude”. Also, I would like to note arrangements with chants and rare strings. I cannot say that arrangements are opulent and abundant but they are pertinent and inalienable. What is especially pleasing is the fact that in front of us actual and contemporary version of black metal without misoneism and pseudo-old-school pieces. True brilliant and Excellent work!!!
P.S. 2CD-limited edition contains tracks from rare splits and vinyls , including BLACK SABBATH’s cover “Ancient Warrior”!!!


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