VARGSHEIM “Träume Der Schlaflosen” review (written by Acid Zombie)

VARGSHEIM “Träume Der Schlaflosen” review (written by Acid Zombie)

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VARGSHEIM “Träume Der Schlaflosen”

Rock oriented black metal??? It’s impossible!!! But it’s a fact… New VARGSHEIM’s album is overfull vintage and even retro-hard schticks, woven into black metal. Just imagine: melodic but powerful riffs, clear and loud drums, straight bass without distortion and traditional screaming vocals. The lyrics are German and touching to problems of our planet.
It may to seem to you that VARGSHEIM is another band for sniveling posers. That’s not so!!! All members of a band are playing live with famous IMPERIUM DEKADENZ and they have a pretty strong skill of playing. So, songs of “Träume Der Schlaflosen” are full of might, sincerity and true spirit of real metal. Total Support and strongly recommended!!!


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