VENEFICIUM announce release date for debut and revealed first track

VENEFICIUM announce release date for debut and revealed first track

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Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the self-titled debut demo of New Zealand’s Veneficium, set for international release on March 11th. Comprising veterans of the vital New Zealand metal underground, Veneficium are a shrouded mystery whose sound emits both mystery and menace, ethereality and utter crushing dread. Like many of the best New Zealand bands past and present, Veneficium wield their sonics with an iron fist; forward propulsion is imbued with suffocatingly dense textures that seemingly bubble up from a nameless abyss. It’s barbaric and “bestial” in a sense, but in another, more accurate sense, the throbbing sturm und drang of Veneficium’s three hydra-headed tracks explore eldritch reaches of both earth and cosmos, squarely putting their palpably physical sound among more exploratory pursuits – “psychedelic,” if you will. Total death, total doom… in a word, Veneficium. Hear the first rumblings of greatness scrolling down with lead-off track “Mefitic Exhumations.” Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Veneficium’s Veneficium
1. Mefitic Exhumations
2. Aggregation of Sufferings Manifest
3. Mordant Photism Above Cathedrals of Ash


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