Venefixion “Defixio” review

Venefixion “Defixio” review

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Iron Bonehead

Argh! October 2 will bring pretty mad Tape into the masses! Venefixion, the band comes from France, and “Defixio” is the very first demo record of the band. And I like alot there are still existing people (both labels and musicians) who still using Tape for Demo records, because this is real way as it must to be. Well, this demo contains 4 songs, little amount, I know, but for me was enough to listen to these 4 songs and to get deep imagination what we can expect from musicians when they will unleash full-length album. So, Venefixion is a death metal band, with some black metal touches here and there; but the main thing comes from the band – pure worshipping to metal music roots, pure hatred, beastly atmosphere and real metal of death. Guys did really great stuff, I like their pressing and really twisted way of playing (hm, bestial twist ala Vomitor), but the main musical layer will remind you old good days when nowadays fomous death metal monsters recorded their first demos, hehe, mainly with no clear way of death metal, but it used to be really correct way, when it mixed with both thrash and black metal touches. I do not know if musicians had some experience with playing in some other bands, but I see them as stabled and cemment line-up, powerful and with top-noth ideas to straignt-forward and make our ears bleeding! I’ll look forward to hear full-length from Venefixion, but now, we can really enjoy by this awesome demo! Antichrist recommends!


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