VIBRION signs with Xtreem Music, info and track revealed

VIBRION signs with Xtreem Music, info and track revealed

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vibrThe most legendary Death Metal band from Argentina VIBRION has inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their long awaited 3rd album “Bacterya” which is set for immediate release in March 21st.

Emerged back in ’89 under the monicker of CHACAL, they later changed into VIBRION in 1992. That same year they recorded “Erradicated Life”, a demo that was also released a a 7″EP, followed by an European tour in 1994 and then two albums “Diseased” (’95) & “Closed Frontiers” (’97) to later disband in ’98 when the core of the band relocated to Belgium where they reformed in 2002 releasing a self-financed EP.

Now VIBRION returns stronger than ever with an album that is a fucking brutal fresh air into the so standarized Death Metal scene. “Bacterya” was recorded in September 2015 at Blackout Studios in Brussels (Belgium) by Jeremie Bézier and mastered by the mighty Andy Classen at Stage One Studios in Germany. The 10 songs included here displays a brutal yet heavy but above all, unique, original and personal brand of Death Metal of stunning quality that blends such varied elements from bands like IMMOLATION, CELTIC FROST, MORBID ANGEL, SEPULTURA, SUFFOCATION… into a unique entity that’s VIBRION!!

Tracklist for “Bacterya” is as follows:

01. Day of Replication
02. The Warth of the Beast
03. The Worm Immune
04. The Walls of Caffa
05. Ill Essentia
06. Of My Burning Brothers
07. Hidden Plague Disseminator
08. Bacterya
09. Circles are Closed
10. Mutant

Release date for “Bacterya” is set for 21st of March through Xtreem Music.

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