Video interview with Scepter of Eligos

Video interview with Scepter of Eligos

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Interview video with Scepter of Eligos – Sludge Metal from USA.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Scepter of Eligos crashes into listeners in a wave of death, doom, and psychedelic sludge. An amalgamation of heavy styles with an unique spin, Chris Candelario (bass), Frank Candelario (drums), and Andrew Sares (vocals/guitars) work collaboratively to flesh out what they describe as “Psychedelic metal of death”. To accompany their punishing music they craft lyrics based on Sares’ occult practices and readings. They take their name from Aleister Crowley’s description of Eligos; a Goetic demon that is said to appear on a winged horse holding a scepter and a serpent.

Since their conception in 2012, the musical careers of the power trio have been a whirlwind of gigs both on the local and national levels playing with bands such as The Chasm, Manilla Road, Lycus, and Bongripper garnering attention from a variety of metalheads. Thus far they have 3 releases to their name; a demo from 2013, the 2017 single “RIP Martin Eric Ain” and the 2018 EP “MMXVIII”. Pushing onward with grit and determination they will be releasing the full-length “Inverted Illusions” in 2021.

Boasting live performances that are as varied and intriguing as their music, one can expect to be overtaken by the energy and succumb to the gritty, cryptic psychedelic doom Scepter of Eligos channels from the stage.

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