Video: Lamori ”The Devil’s Mask”

Video: Lamori ”The Devil’s Mask”

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Finland’s Lamori announces a new album entitled Neo Noir, out on January 31st via Wormholedeath records.

Band statement: Neo Noir – The New Black. Finnish goth-masters Lamori are back.

The reservoirs of darkness brings you their take on classic gothic metal mixed with dark wave, modern rock and everything in between.

Bigger choruses, stronger melodies and bittersweet darkness all wrapped in a doomy package. The band worked close with both Mazzeo and Belotti all the way from pre-production to the final release. This time around we also put more time and effort on each instrument, especially the vocals.  We think this album is a beautiful mix of both old and new Lamori.

Below you can see the new video for the track ”The Devil’s Mask”:


01. An Angel by Your Side

02. The Evil Inside of Me

03. Born to Lose

04. Fade Out of Time

05. The Devil’s Mark

06. Heaven Ain’t For Us

07. Going Down

08. Wild Within

09. The Scientist

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