Video Of The Week: no.1 – Powerwolf “Blessed And Possessed”

Video Of The Week: no.1 – Powerwolf “Blessed And Possessed”

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With this post we start a new section “Video Of The Week”. George Lazurenko will write once a week a review for music videos, analyzing it as a videographer.

I changed some lines in Powerwolf‘s lyrics while I watched their new lyric-video: “In the night we can’t rest, because we write the text, Hallelujah!”

How to immerse into your favorite band’s universe or how to use the visual part of your creation for 101%? Today I’ll talk about new Powerwolf‘s lyric video “Blessed & Possessed”.

What should musicians do during the lockdown, even if it’s partial? To work on new material, of course! Powerwolf can be used as a good example of constant work.

On July, 17th new official Powerwolf lyric-video appeared on Napalm Records Youtube channel. Although it’s a new look on famous images of werewolves, this work is worth attention.

There are simple lyric videos, when words just appear on some static picture or more complicated when everything is animated and there is even plot line (the vivid example is Paradise Lost “No Hope In Sight”).

“Blessed & Possessed” video is something in the middle but anyway it’s a great immersion into the world of werewolves and sinful people.

Motion designers animated the album’s cover and art, so the wolves’ fierce jaws started to move, the claws started to scrape and the amount of views started to grow (in less than 24 hours this video got almost 40K views).

Also I want to highlight the design of the text itself, which is not only fits greatly with the art but stands out on every background in the video.  

The band’s usual lyrics, “biblical” and “mystery” gets some special artwork here: angry werewolves moving intensely like they are ready for attack, the blood is spraying, the sparks coming out, battle flags are raising in the sky, some crosses here and there – werewolves are going to attack. And when one of them started to pray, I really laughed loud.

Nevertheless, there is a lack in this video: too simple animation, which just rounding when it transits. But all in all, in this video the artwork of the album comes to live and keeps the interesting for the band. I wish that Amon Amath‘s Surtur Rising will also come to live in this way but it didn’t happened. Nevertheless, if you wanted something from German wolves – it’s for you.

My conclusion: Powerwolf‘s new video unequivocally deserves your like. In COVID-19 era lyric-videos got some breath of fresh air because lots of conditions for shooting videos are not available now. Plus it’s always a good step for recognisability of the band and their lyrics, to make people sing with the band on live shows when they will return.

I listened to “Blessed & Possessed” and I deadly wanted to go to some gig, to listen to my favourite bands. What about you?


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