VINCENT CROWLEY – Second Single “My Eternal Vow”

VINCENT CROWLEY – Second Single “My Eternal Vow”

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ODIUM RECORDS announces the second single “My Eternal Vow” from the upcoming album of an underground legend – VINCENT CROWLEY “Beyond Acheron”.

You can watch the video at:

You can pre order album Lp / digi cd / jewel case cd/ Wooden box / t-shirt / longsleeve at: or

‘My Eternal Vow’ is a macabre tale about a husband that can not deal with the death of his wife, so he takes her corpse, makes a shrine, and keeps her in his life. A bit of a romantic case of necrophilism. The music is very Doom-influenced with almost a dark rock/metal flair, while the main vocals being used are more of the Black Metal style for the most part. Amazing guitar solos with a solid drum and bass guitar backbone.

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