Vintage Warlords “The Invisible Foe” review

Vintage Warlords “The Invisible Foe” review

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vinwa [800]Vintage Warlords “The Invisible Foe”
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Vintage Warlords is a young band, but contains skilled musician, Thomas G. Plaguehammer (ex-Abigal Williams bassist), “The Invisible Foe” is the very first stuff, recorded by the band. The EP contains just three songs… Little, isn’t it? Yeah, BUT, it was enough for me to dig into their music and to get what the band is all about! I listened to this EP for many times, and I really enjoying by “The Invisible Foe” every time. EP was released long time ago, anyway I’m sure there are some fans who didn’t listened to Vintage Warlords still. So, do you like good old death metal? And what about doom metal? Yeah? Then I must to recommend killing machine, called Vintage Warlords to you! Musically here is massive as hell, bulldozing old-school death metal ala Incantation and Immolation, the same grim and grinding, plus add some doom metal parts ala Anathema “Serenades”, plus some sludge parts from time to time, and you’ll get approx picture of Vintage Warlords music. Grim, slow and mid tempos old-school doomy death metal massacre. You’ll definitely will get huge desire to re-listen to all slassical albums from the early of ’90s after “The Invisible Foe”! Thus maybe “foe” is “invisible”, but Vintage Warlord’s decent future is visible for sure!


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