VIRGIN STEELE release epic and monumental movie “In The Devil’s Garden”

VIRGIN STEELE release epic and monumental movie “In The Devil’s Garden”

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Using cool bare bones old school technology, informal personal at home footage, live rehearsal footage, both moving video clips, & still photos, plus musical excerpts/samples and narration, we have crafted & assembled what we call: an Audio/Visual Symphony. Something like a Radio-Play (think H.G.Wells “War Of The Worlds” for example….) or perhaps more accurately what we have created is a “Psychodrama” describing, detailing and providing an above, below, inside & “behind the music” view so to speak, of what this SEVEN DEVILS MOONSHINE BOX SET contains, and what it is all about. This Work is raw, wild and untamed, bruised yet beautiful and no… Steven Spielberg was not involved. Enjoy!

You can watch the full movie here:

David DeFeis discusses the SEVEN DEVILS MOONSHINE “MOVIE”….:

“I wanted to have this “Movie” out sooner but my father became quite ill and he passed away on December 20th, 2018 so I was quite involved with many other matters for quite some time…but now we have finally completed this very huge audio/visual documentary, and well…here it is…

Like the albums found within the SEVEN DEVILS MOONSHINE Box Set this “Psychodrama” also takes one on a trip…a journey through the Kingdom of Steele, offering a behind the scenes look into the 5 albums contained within…it is a sort of “Photo-Essay”, part documentary, and part audio sampler…it works strictly from the aural perspective like a Radio broadcast, with voiceover details and musical excerpts/samples from about 40 or so songs out of the 88 pieces found within the collection, but…with the inclusion of all the visuals it has become something even more descriptive and revealing. I originally thought it would be about 8-10 minutes long…but like the Box Set, it grew and grew into this monumental, Epic “Road-Trip” we now have. This Audio/Visual sampler is an anniversary celebration of our History, as well as a glimpse into some of what we have been doing for the past year, and it is also a depiction of what life is like for us. Here you will find energy, passion, drama, a whole lot of darkness, as well as light (the Danse Macabre is ever present…) and yes within all that turbulence there is also a sense of humor as well…

The visual imagery get more & more elaborate as we delve deeper into the “Chapters”…and like some of our more “Operatic” musical moments there are recurring visual themes that are introduced…and which develop and morph throughout this “Movie”. In the weeks ahead we will select and prepare certain songs from each of the 5 discs, and present their complete full-length video versions.

Hail & Thanks so very much for listening and for being a part of our World…”

David DeFeis
(January 17, 2019)

SPV / Steamhammer released the boxset “Seven Devils Moonshine” on November 23rd, 2018 incl 5 CDs (a total of 88 songs) where 3 CDs contain totally new songs and new versions.
The package include a sticker and a 24 page booklet with new lyrics and photos by David DeFeis.

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