Vivus Humare “Einkehr” review

Vivus Humare “Einkehr” review

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Vivus Humare “Einkehr”

Eisenwald Tonschmiede

Desolate, bleak, and unrelentingly gloomy, Vivus Humare’s Einkehr is no less than a stark and inconsolable journey for all who listen, an exploration into the dark inner reaches of underground Black Metal. The album’s atmosphere pulls and pushes the listener through moments of dense, distorted riffing and sparse, empty passages. Overall, the sound is entrancing, yet engaging, as the music sways and swirls around in a void of empty space. Like paint dropped into a bowl of water, new sounds are always filling unoccupied spaces, taking new shapes, and in return, leaving new empty spaces to be filled later on. Dynamically, this release proves to be one of the most diverse in new Black Metal music, one not to be missed or passed over. With Einkehr, the band’s debut full-length, Vivus Humare have more than proven themselves as competent and inspired musicians and songwriters.indication of what the future may hold for this band, then it certainly looks bright.

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