WARDENCLYFFE “Control All Delete” review

WARDENCLYFFE “Control All Delete” review

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WARDENCLYFFE “Control All Delete”

Ván Records

Wardenclyffe comes from Sweden and have two musicians who also played in pretty known among old-school music worshippers band Terrorama (this fact bring me more interest to listen to Wardenclyffe btw). So, here are seven tracks of doom metal, doom metal with death metal (good old death metal ones) tunes in their music. The music is not something  you hear daily and have some a bit original and a bit common sounds. Mid tempos, catching, measured guitar rhythms and clear vocals (good clear vocals), as well as typical roars, plus add there same worth guitar solos and deep atmosphere. I saw there some nfluences from such bands like Samael, Paradise Lost and even Celtic Frost (yeah, the times of the doomy heavy metal sounds). As for the atmosphere over there, the atmosphere is enough good, filled with darkness, occultism and some cyberlike one. All in all “Control All Delete” is listenable and moreover – memorable and catching. Another good old way doom/death metal album from metal underground pit, wait for the release and enjoy! Doom or be doomed!


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