WEDERGANGER “Gelderse Drek” review

WEDERGANGER “Gelderse Drek” review

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WEDERGANGER “Gelderse Drek”
Heidens Hart Records

This CD-single is a physical edition of first WEDERGANGER’s demo “Gelderse Drek” from Heidens Hart Records. WEDERGANGER is a pretty promising band from Netherlands, presented us midtempo Black metal with fast passages and dutch-language lyrics. Some riffs reminded me old Norwegian acts like EINHERJER and ILDJARN, but clear voice in second track is calling associations with gothic bands from 1980’s, more accurate with Peter Murphy from BAUHAUS (!!!). At generally this debut makes a pretty good impression and I’m already waiting for their full-length work.
P.S. Vocals were performed by Joris den Boghtdrincker (as Alfschijn) from infamous folk/viking-metal band HEIDEVOLK.


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