Wildlights first single stream

Wildlights first single stream

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WILDLIGHTS, featuring ASG vocalist and guitarist Jason Shi as well as THUNDERLIP! drummer Johnny Collins have released the first single off their forthcoming album to be released on Season of Mist.

The new track is entitled “Rebel Smiles” and was released on the Sony Music Entertainment’s recently published free mobile game ‘Rockin’ Goat’. “Rebel Smiles” is also streaming here:

Sony’s adventure game ‘Rockin’ Goat’ is set against the backdrop of Rock and Roll that sends players on an off-the-wall quest blending elements of fantasy, explosive action, and music.

WILDLIGHTS were founded in Wilmington, NC, USA, but wield a unique brand of heavy, melodic rock that draws inspiration equally from the blues-based, low-end sound of the US-South as well as driving, melodic skate/desert rock pedigree of Southern California.

WILDLIGHTS are currently putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming album with renowned producer Matt Hyde (PORNO FOR PYROS, MONSTER MAGNET, FU MANCHU, SLAYER). The release date will soon be announced by Season of Mist.

Join WILDLIGHTS on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildlights


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