Wolves of Avalon will unleash new album May 2015

Wolves of Avalon will unleash new album May 2015

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British pagan metal band, Wolves of Avalon will release a new album during May 2015.

Mantas [Venom/ M.Pire of Evil], has recorded the guitars for a cover of, ‘Die Hard’, along with vocal contributions from, Rob [Amebix], and Mirai [sigh]. This will be on the forthcoming, Wolves of Avalon, album due out in May 2015.

The album titled, ‘Across a twilight field of Corpses Grey, only the Trilling of Nightingales can be heard’, features – a 25 minute long Prog-Pagan Metal song shifting between the past and the ethereal, and features Wolves main men, Metatron [Meads of Asphodel], and J. Marinos, as well, as an array of musicians providing, Flute, Cello, Violin, and stunning lead guitar work from, Litmus, axe man, Simon F.

The album will be release by Godreah Records.

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