Review: Words That Burn “Regret Is For The Dead”

Review: Words That Burn “Regret Is For The Dead”

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To let you know about this band, Words That Burn is a metal band from Ireland. They’ve signed a deal with the Italian label WormHoleDeath and will release their second album which I am going to say a few things about it.


I heard about this band last year, knowing that will sign a deal with WormHoleDeath records and I waited to hear their new album, not that I am focusing so much on Alternative metal but Words That Burn new release is very nice.
“Regret Is For The Dead’’ contains 10 tracks, I am saying a powerful album, combining the clear voice with the growls,  melodic lines, the bass can be clearly heard, actually this is what an Alternative album has to be, my opinion. Of course, as Words That Burn, an alternative melodic.
Talking a little about the theme of this album, I can mention a few words that might be the key words of the album: life, death, change, regret; being more specific, the album is about life and death.
The cover artwork is also nice, it suggests me a ‘’damaged life’’, that everything is over and there is nothing else what can be repaired.

I recommend you Words That Burn and once the album will be out in stores, get it and I am sure you will enjoy it. Also, be in touch with the news on their social medias sites and soon the Irish metalheads will come out with a new video for the song ‘’Unalive’’. Great album!


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