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I have been listenting to all kinds of metal and rock music for more than 14 years now. Besides music I am also interested in fantasy & sci-fi books, comics, mangas, rpgs and fighting games. I have been writing about these for almost four years on my blog now. In my other life I work as a physician for the government in Bangladesh and am quite grumpy.

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Review: GRAVESHADOW – Ambition’s Price

GRAVESHADOW Ambition’s Price M-Theory Audio To label Graveshadow‘s music just as Symphonic Metal is indeed a grave injustice to the band. Graveshadow has various bits of many genres ...
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Review: SELF-HATRED “Hlubiny”

SELF-HATRED Hlubiny Solitude productions To be honest, I haven’t really listened to much ‘Death/doom’ despite being a fan of early Katatonia. My interest in the other extreme genres ...
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Review: Ritual Necromancy “Disinterred Horror”

Ritual Necromancy Disinterred Horror Dark Descent Records Well, metal has always had some mixed results while sticking to the traditional mold. Often there are records that follow an ...
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