Review: CONDOR “Unstoppable Power”

Review: CONDOR “Unstoppable Power”

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CONDOR “Unstoppable Power”
High Roller Records

I have to apologise for the lateness of this review… I have been playing the album a lot, but I’ve enjoyed it so much, I didn’t really want to sit down and dissect it, just in case it spoilt my listening pleasure.

Hailing from Kolbotn, the town in Norway which is the administrative centre for the district that Fenriz is a councillor, these guys just Thrash like hell, from start to finish. And they serve up their frantic brand of Metal with a heart that borders on Black Metal… throw in a retro feel and some Tom G Warrior deathgrunts… well they almost dish those up, and one massive shit eating grin is ready to be delivered.

And that’s why I played this so much without really getting ready to write a review. It’s just a huge fun listen. Wave after wave of feel-good riffs reign down, the drums just go apeshit and this is a shining example of no frills Metal that slays it every single you play it. And those gnarly, whiskey (or Special Brew) soaked vocals are as addictive as the alcohol that crafted their rough tones.

And Unstoppable Power should appeal to all walks of Metalhead… especially the Thrashers, the Black Metal fans and all lovers of anything 80s. From my point of view, it’s impossible not to like this album, because it really is just Heavy Fucking Metal, with a tonne of explosives shoved up its ass…

Basically, this is a short, sharp lesson on how to create the perfect Metal album

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