Review: Killsorrow “Little Something For You To Choke”

Review: Killsorrow “Little Something For You To Choke”

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Killsorrow “Little Something For You To Choke”
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This band isn’t any green-horn (was born in 2008 or 2010 – I found two versions on two of their sites, so…), but “Little Something for You to Choke” is their first release ever. I have no any information that there were some changes in line-up or other problems. That’s why I have no idea what the fuck they did during these eight (or six) years that their debut came out now, after so long time, why didn’t they record at least one demo in meantime.

Anyway, KILLSORROW comes from the city which was capital of my motherland until 1795 (I used this word especially because since some time my home is another country) – Poland. Only this fact tells a lot and shows that there’re many interesting historical places surely worth as hell to visit to. In Cracow there’s also the oldest Polish university. It was the first one in Europe where mathematic and astronomy had its independent chairs, by the way. Of course except it, there’re also five other universities in Cracow, several academies and institutes. Also on for example cultural field city is very important for whole country.

One of very important and oldest parts of culture is music. And here we have connection between words above and the band. As I already wrote we have here the first band’s stuff ever. It’s full-length which contains ten songs. I know, somebody malicious would say “So it seems that every song was created nine and an half (or a little more than seven) months”. But I’m not malicious person, so I’ll concentrate myself on describing the music which we can hear here. The same like in case date of birth I found two versions of how members of KILLSORROW describe their music. This one which I found on “blue F” is much more accurate and I agree with that well and truly. It’s nothing else what we have here than Melodic Thrash Metal. And let’s be honest – good one.

As I noticed on their site on mentioned above social media, the most important person here is on of guitarists – Michał Sokół. It’s him who writes the whole music. First of all we’ll notice after first notes that melody is what he likes, Riffs are just melodic, but also they absolutely comply with standards of Thrash Metal or better to say: Metal in general. They’re maybe not as sharp as razor, but surely there’s right element of aggression in them. Sometimes we can also listen to very interesting solos (as I know life playing by Michał). I’ll don’t describe them in details from at least two reasons. Firstly I never use to do it and secondly they’re really worth to listen to. I’ll add only that Michał and Paweł play variously with using some technical tricks. Drums? Well, I can’t say anything wrong about what Kamil does here. It’s also various, dynamic enough and so on, but in my opinion cymbals are a little too much hidden. If somebody will listen carefully will notice that Kamil uses them often, but if somebody will listen to it just like that will probably have problem with noticing them. But it’s only a detail. We can hear here both male and female vocal as well. Of course, and I know many people who’d say here “fortunately”, dominate this first one. Marcin has quite interesting timbre of voice which reminds me… No way!!! You’ll have to check it out by yourselves! Agnieszka sings only in “Buried Hopes” and it takes place rather incidentally. She does it of course with clean voice. But it’s any sweet as candle one which we can meet mostly in so called Gothic Metal (a lot of these bands musically have minimal or any connection with Metal). Marcin uses his bass also in right for such music way.

Well, if someone’s looking in music only unbridled brutality than I’ll advice against “Little Something for You to Choke” to this person. She/he’ll be for sure disappointed with this. But rest should at least pay attention on it. There’re some riffs which’re like “hey, I already heard this somewhere!” Of course it’s only our impression, but it says something about music imagination and quality. I’m happy that I have this stuff! Maybe I’ll don’t listen to it every single day, but it’ll also not be one of these stuffs which I’m forgetting about two seconds after finishing review!


Score 94%
94 %
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Review: Killsorrow “Little Something For You To Choke”

Killsorrow is a Polish melodic death metal band