Review: VULTURE “The Guillotine”

Review: VULTURE “The Guillotine”

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VULTURE “The Guillotine”
High Roller Records

I might be slightly out on the year, but I think it was in 1981 that Accept toured with Judas Priest. The openers on that tour could have been Vulture… except that they didn’t form until 2015.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have some retro action going on here with some Thrashy Speed Metal that’s straight out of the 80s, yet it’s not really much of a nostalgia trip as this album, the bands debut, is unbelievably vibrant.

All the ingredients you love from the 80s are here, crazy lead guitars, high pitched vocals and just lashings of Teutonic power. The band have even roped in Enforcer vocalist, Olof Wikstrand, for the albums statement piece, Adrian’s Cradle, which benefits from a slow build up before it bursts into life… I was half expecting a ballad, but that would just be stupid on such an upbeat album.

Nope, these guys just bang their heads, thrash their instruments and keep the metal to the pedal from start to finish, bar a couple of (slower) intros.

In terms of Metal, Speed Metal is the one genre that I cannot get enough of these days. From the Blackened, gnarly variety, to the purer blend that Vulture play, which extends from the origins of Traditional Metal, but with an added dose of speed…

My 1st love will always be Traditional Heavy Metal, but to these ears, that’s pretty much dying out as most of the originators are now bowing out or are past it. So the baton has been passed onto a plethora of Speed Metal bands that keep the fire burning.

And for me, Vulture are one of the best around right now…

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